Ristorante La Casina - Creative Nature From The Woodland

ristornate la casina drena risotto ai piccoli di bosco estate 2023 Ristorante La Casina
Chapter 1

Natural, loving, and gentle cooking

Immerse yourself in the peace and quiet of the forest.
La Casina is more than just a restaurant. It is a place to exchange flavours and wisdom, in an environment that changes with the seasons. Indulge in a culinary journey closely tied to the Sarca Valley as you savour wild herbs, superfoods, and chestnuts sourced from our family’s very own chestnut grove. All carefully combined with the very best produce from Upper Garda.

Ristornate La Casina Drena terrazza esterna estate

An ambience that changes with the seasons. From the shaded pergola in summer to the striking barrel vaults in winter.


Whether it's the warm summer months or the chilly winter season, La Casina offers an inviting ambiance to spend an evening with a large group or a more intimate gathering.

Ristorante la casina esterno terrazza estate 2023

When the weather is warm, our pergola is adorned with verdant vine leaves and fragrant, purple wisteria, while the refreshing evening breeze provides respite from the scorching heat on even the most sweltering days.


When snow blankets our greenhouses overflowing with delicious fruits and envelops our bountiful chestnut grove, an enchanting winter wonderland surrounds our stone house. The crackling fire beneath the barrel vaults not only provides warmth but also sets the perfect ambiance to savour the flavours of the season.

Chapter 2

Nature, at your table

The cornerstone of our culinary philosophy at La Casina is to elevate the authenticity of local ingredients and serve eco-conscious cuisine that leaves no waste behind. We strive to transform everything in harmony with our planet. Food is an experience, but also, and most importantly, a form of nourishment and well-being. In the pursuit of sustainability, our restaurant collaborates with a wide range of passionate producers and breeders, both big and small-scale. Together, they strive to preserve and enrich the region, contributing significantly to the local culinary heritage.

Chapter 3

The Miori Family

Chef Giada, together with her brother Sebastiano, mother Marinella, and a team of enthusiastic young chefs, serves up dishes and devises concepts rooted in a shared philosophy of life. A gastronomic concept that is at one with its surroundings. Within the ancient walls of La Casina, everyone moves in harmony, as the restaurant’s storied walls tell tales of flavours past and present.

LA CASINA - Chef Giada Miori - Drena - azienda agricola zanetti. - Giada e Sebastiano Miori