Creative nature inspired by the woodlands

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Evoking emotions

Drawing inspiration from the bountiful woodlands and natural surroundings, our creative cuisine evokes childhood memories and connects us to the land. It’s a passion for cooking with care, in a place that feels like home, where vegetable gardens and greenhouses coexist alongside wild plants and foraged delights, extending all the way to our family’s chestnut grove and ultimately, La Casina’s pantry.

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Flavours and knowledge

Creative nature inspired by the woodlands combines the flavours of top-tier ingredients with the knowledge of past and present. We also strive for continuous improvement through research and experimentation, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation in our eco-conscious kitchen. No ingredient is wasted, as we explore new ways to use our pantry. At La Casina, the pursuit of knowledge and our drive to excel know no bounds.


Shared passion

Creative nature inspired by the woodlands is also a shared philosophy.
In 2010, a spontaneous journey led young chef Giada Miori to take over the reins of the family restaurant at La Casina. Alongside her mother Marinella, brother Sebastiano, and a passionate team of chefs, Giada has infused her personal touch and authenticity into the traditional rustic cuisine, daring to experiment and innovate through trials, hard work, research, and an unwavering passion for her craft.